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Around 2 lakh Students Migrate to New Zealand every year

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Why New Zealand? 

  • Quality Education

Only Country to have all its Universities ranked under the top 500

  • Post-Study Work Visas 

Offer Post Study Work Visa up to 3 years after your education 

  • Maximum Scholarship Availability 

Offers Scholarships worth 30K NZD to international Students every year

  • Highest PR Possibilities

New Zealand falls under the top 5 most preferred destinations for Abroad Studies. Over 2 lakh Students migrate to New Zealand every year through Student Visa Route and the number is gradually increasing. New Zealand is one of the top-rated Countries to live in and has Breathtaking Photogenic Places to Visit. 

New Zealand offers a variety of courses for Bachelor, Master, Certification Courses, and Graduate Certification courses as well. Along with the varied courses, NZ also offers huge number of Scholarships for their students 

Universities in New Zealand

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