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Around 3.5 lakh international Students fly to Germany every year

Why Germany? 

  • Quality Education 

One of the oldest education systems in the World 

  • Free Education System 

Nominal to No Tuition Fees in the Public Universities 

  • Higher Job Prospects

Known to be the Hub of Technical and Automobile 

  • Post-Study Work Visa 

Offers you a post-study Work Visa for up to 2 years 

  • A large number of University Options 

Germany has one of the oldest education systems in the World and it is known for its Quality Education. It offers you a variety of options for Public & Private Universities to choose from. 

The free Education system is one of the reasons why international Students tend to consider it as their Study Destination. Also, as it is known to be the Hub for the Automobile and Technical Industry, plenty of options are available for students considering their career scopes. 

Students also get up to 2 years of Post Study Work Visa & which is the cherry on the cake as it also opens your Door to Settle in Germany Easily. 

Universities in Germany

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