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Over 10 lakh international students got enrolled into USA Universities in the year 2022/23


Why the USA?

  • Flexible Education System 

You can choose your subjects, classes, and professors too

  • High Quality of Education 

Half of the world’s ranking Universities belong to the USA

  • Post-Study Work Visa 

It offers the Job Search Visa that can avail you the Post Study Work Visa

  • Highest Scholarship Chances 

USA Universities offer scholarships worth up to $30K every year

  • Highest Number of Universities 

USA holds over 1000+ Universities

  • Variety of Courses 

As we all know, US Education System is top rated in the world and it provides a very flexible environment to its students. Students can choose their classes, subject as well professors too. Students find it way easier to study when what they are studying has been planned by themselves.

USA holds almost 1000 of Universities to offer. The number is quite huge right??? Along with offering high quality education, the student would get the job search visa in USA during which they can search for the Field Job and once they get it, they can apply for work visa.

ASW is one of the leading Consultants for USA Student Visa in Rajkot with having highest number of University tie-ups. Be part of our family and open the doors to your future with leading USA Consultants in Rajkot, ASW!!!


USA Universities

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